Committee Meetings

Committee Day Time Chair
Accessibility 1st Wednesday 6:00 pm Janny B.
Archives (does not meet)     Teresa S.
Cooperation with the Professional Community 3rd Saturday 10:00 am Marc E.
Corrections 2nd Monday 6:30 pm Lori R-G.
Finance (meets by video conference the Wednesday after the 2nd Tuesday) Wednesday 6:00 pm Mike M.
Hospital & Treatment 1st Saturday 10:00 am Jacob W.
Intergroup Board 3rd Tuesday 7:00 pm Dave T.
Messaging 2nd Monday 7:00 pm Mike M.
Office 2nd Tuesday 6:15 pm Bryson A.
Public Information 3rd Saturday 10:00 am Marc E.
Third Legacy 2nd Monday 7:00 pm Travis A.
Web & Tech 2nd Saturday 10:00 am Leonard T.

Other Service Functions

Committee     Chair
High & Dry Newsletter     Ben O.
Nightwatch Phone Answering     David d.

All committee meetings are held at the Greater Seattle Intergroup office.

These meetings are open to any member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Why not come on down and see what is happening in your A.A. world?

Updated 8/25/14